What Do I Do with a House in Probate?

Much to your surprise, something totally unexpected has happened. One of your loved ones has passed away without warning, leaving their home and property uncared for. Even worse, it sounds like the home is going into probate, meaning that it wasn’t legally bequeathed to anyone as an inheritor. Just when it is hard enough to lose your loved one, their house is also in a complicated situation. How do you proceed?

Care for the House

Your first step will be to care for the house over the coming months with the ensuing responsibilities that will come. Make sure to clean the home and keep it in good repair, particularly if the probate process takes longer than expected. This can be a cathartic part of the healing process as you remember your loved one. It can also be a smart decision to continue to pay for some utilities, such as electricity. This will make your cleaning and organizing more convenient, but it will also help the house to look lived-in and prevent break-ins.

Go to Probate Court

When a house goes into probate, it doesn’t have a legally determined inheritor, meaning that you or your loved ones can’t claim or live in the home. You will essentially need to win back the legal ownership of the house with the assistance of the lawyers and judges in probate court. These legal processes can be complicated. Luckily, the lawyers in probate court will assist you through them and help you to know how to proceed.

Sell to a Cash Home Buyer

If the maintenance of the home and the legal processes of probate court start to feel overwhelming, don’t worry. You have another solution to your difficult situation. You can sell your house to a home buying business, which is a type of cash home buyer. Home buying businesses will purchase any home, no matter its condition. You won’t have to list the home, inspect it, or repair it. Instead, your home buying business of choice can help to take that burden off your shoulders. You can then use that much-needed money to help your family.

So, if you ever find yourself unexpectedly caring for a house that has gone into probate, remember this article so you know how to proceed. Make sure that you take proper care of the house and go to probate court for the legal processes. But if extended care of the home doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense for you right now, sell to a home buying business, get your cash payment, and put the burden of the probate house behind you.

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